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New Construction-Commercial, Light Commercial and High End Residential

“Steve is always thoughtful of the architectural needs of the project. These projects had difficult detail problems

and he was very good working with me to solve them to achieve both good technical and aesthetical solutions.

I think any client will be pleased with Steve’s involvement on a project.”

--Marcus M. Johnson, architect 

Facility Maintenance- As a tradesman, S. T. Nieman has unique insights into providing maintenance to facilities which resolves ongoing or potential problems.

Construction Remediation Services- S.T. Nieman Construction LLC acts as an independent consultant with MC Consultants to resolve complex structural and envelope failures. With 20 years of direct involvement in restoring the integrity of building components, S. T. Nieman is a leader in the field of construction remediation.

“Stephen- You have been a real asset on the many projects we have done together. You keep yourself aware

of the latest construction techniques with a very valuable emphasis on flashing and waterproofing.”

Timothy J. Linehan, Real Equity Assets 

S.T. Nieman Construction LLC has extensive construction and  managerial experience. we have a "nobody gets hurt" philosophy towards construction management.

1. We see it as our chief responsibility to ensure the successful completion of the project. This includes, but is not limited to: customer satisfaction, budgetary and scheduling goals met.

2. We place a premium on personnel safety.

3. We consider it our job to ensure that the personnel and subcontractors under our authority are successful. 


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Brief Development

I bring more than 35 years of management experience to the construction industry. I am a journey level carpenter,

managed crews, controlled projects, implemented designs and performed all building phases. I have been responsible

for job site safety.


 Licensed RME State of Hawaii- Business-Law, General Contracting, Roofing, Glazing

 Estimation Services for Mediation

 Envelope/ Structural Failure Inspections-- FEMA housing inspector- Registered with Dept.

Homeland Security as a FEMA Contractor

 CAD/Chief Architect Design Experience

 Responsible Managing Employee—State of Hawaii

 OSHA 30-Hour Training – Qualified Safety Person-

 Certification: Construction Quality Management for Contractors

 Certified Roof Inspector/ Forensic Roof Inspector -- NRCIA

Project Management

“Your detailed knowledge and leadership as Project Manager facilitated construction of an 

extremely complicated facility which was completed on time and within budget with an 

exemplary safety performance record.” 

Terry Gililand 

Program Manager, Vet Industrial 

“Stephen--We have found you to be a conscientious, communicative and focused project manager and

superintendent for the numerous residential and commercial projects we have consulted together on.”

--Andrew L Herrick P.E., Owner, Sliderule Engineering Works LLC 

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